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Türkiye’s first fashion museum… (My Life: Vakko)”

“Hayatim: Vakko”, the first fashion museum that was established by a fashion company, was opened in Beyoglu store to display the Vakko journey that started in 1934 and the big change in clothing culture with very special collections, and has been in service with its new management building in Vakko Fashion Center in Nakkastepe.

The history of Vakko is full of firsts. Vakko is the first fashion company that made a fashion advertisement, and also sen sapka is one of the first companies to advertise. sen sapka advertisement in French that was published in Le Journal dates back to 1942.

Vakko that stepped up to the plate with the liveliness of development and regeneration atmosphere noticed that hats, scarves and imprints were not enough. Fashion is a complete concept. So as “Fashion is Vakko” slogan defines, Vakko assumed the leadership of fashion and prêt-à-porter sectors, together with the consciousness this leader title brings forth.

The secrets of prêt à porter fashion, is not making wholesale production in large quantities from similar models, it is catching the style of the day with limited production. In other words it is the democratization of haute couture. As a fashion producer, this has been prior target of Vakko. Many concepts that are accepted universally today were adopted first by Vakko before many countries and fashion houses.