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We are proud to offer our preferred collection of 60 high end luxury & deluxe hotels selected and presented to you by our professional tourism and hotel staff ranged according to their location, service and facility types.

The trust issue and uncertainty that has arisen as a result of rapid increase in the number of hotels and facilities create the need for a reliable source, and requires the need for applying a reference at the decision making stage.

We are here to cover this demand, and bring together the best luxury & deluxe, business & city, resort & holiday, spa & wellness, boutique & concept, beach & coast, golf & sport hotels and luxury brands of Turkey in terms of high quality service and care.

We are proud to put the carefully hand-picked splendid, amazing and great, particulary, the one’s in, Izmir, Bodrum, Marmaris, Antalya, Ankara, Cappadocia, Bursa and Istanbul hotels at your disposal.

Celebrate life, love and romance in a 19-th century Ottoman Palace transformed into a chic urban resort.

The ever changing moods of the Bosphorus, elegant yachts lazily sailing along one of the most beautiful waterways of the world, breathtaking scenery coupled with the impeccable Four Seasons approach make each and every wedding shine like a gem, as unique as the two people who make their wows...More